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My vast experience in the field of music and musicology enables me to offer individual accompaniment regardless of the instrument chosen, as well as a wide range of teaching and coaching, including: 

  • music theory, rhythmic studies, solfeggio, ear training, music history, basics of improvisations

  • introduction to Brazilian music and folklore, with emphasis on the relationship between rhythm, melody, harmony and body awareness, as the relationship between the music and the basic samba steps, Brazilian percussions (pandeiro, berimbau, tamborim, rebolo), Portuguese pronunciation for singers

  • diction of the Italian language for opera singers

  • vocal workshop: Introduction to vocal technique for groups

  • arrangements and compositions for various instruments and musical ensembles

  • conductor (e.g of combos, jazz ensemble and big band)

  • individual (music-)coachings

Spoken languages: Italian (mother tongue), German, Swiss German, Portuguese, French, English, Spanish and Russian.

Interested? I would be happy to answer your questions via the contact form.

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